Seyed Ahamed Wali – செய்யிது அஹ்மது வலி

Seyed Ahamed Wali – செய்யிது அஹ்மது வலி

By Sufi Manzil 0 Comment July 29, 2010

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Sayyid Ahmed Wali: (350 A.H. – 430 A.H. / 960 – 1038 A.D.)

The tomb stone of Sayyid Ahmad Bin shaheed Ibnu Muhammad Kareem Madani was found in the open space between the famous Khosmarai Darha and the sea. It is about 100 yards from the Darha on the east side.


The contents on the tombstone are very clear and point out historical information about Sayyid Ahmed Waliyullah and about the first mosque in Tamil Nadu. The inscription is in Arabic. It denotes that Sayyid Ahmed Waliyullah was the Imam of Kadalkarai mosque of Kayal Thurai. He died on 8th Dulhaj month 430 A.H. He was a great scholar and a famous saint. He conducted prayers for many years and taught students Holy Quran and Arabic. He was the Qutb of his time. He was the contemporary of saint NatharWali who renounced his Syrian Kingdom and settled at Tiruchi and died on 417 A.H / 1026 A.D. Sayyid Ahmad’s grand father Muhammad Kareem Madani was also the Qutb of his period and he performed many miracles.He was born in Madina, lived in Kayalpatnam and returned back to Madina by his miracle power and died in the holy land of Madina. It is assumed that he lived in Kayalpatnam between 900 A.D and 975 A.D. The inscription at KadalkaraiMosque also provides more information about this mosque and Kayalpatnam. Inside the Khosmarai Darha, there are seven tombs of great saints which are said to be more than 800 years old.


செய்யிது அஹ்மது வலி

     இவர்களின் தந்தை பெயர் ஷாஹிது. பாட்டனார் முஹம்மது கரீம் மதனி ரலியல்லாஹு அன்ஹு அவர்களாவார்கள்.

செய்யிது அஹ்மது வலி அவர்கள் காயல்பட்டணம் கடற்கரை பள்ளியில் பல ஆண்டுகள் இமாமாக பணியாற்றியுள்ளார்கள். குர்ஆன் ஓதிக் கொடுத்து இருக்கிறார்கள்.

இவர்களின் மறைவு ஹிஜ்ரி 430 துல்ஹஜ் பிறை 8.
    அடக்கஸ்தலம் கோசுமறை பள்ளி அருகில்.