Nusky Wali – நுஸ்கி வலி

Nusky Wali – நுஸ்கி வலி

By Sufi Manzil 0 Comment July 29, 2010

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Nusky Wali: (Death 995 A.H / 1587 A.D)  

 Nusky Wali was a son of Ahmad Alim Wali, a descendant of Muhammad Khaji. They were all descendant from Hazrath Abubackar Siddique (Raliallahu anhu), the first Calipha of Islam. His father named him as Shaikh Ali Nainar. He spent most of his time in Prayer and in Dhikr. Hence people called him as Nusky. When he was two years old, he went to the sea shore with his father. While his father was praying on the sea shore, he just walked towards the sea and began wandering. An English man who was about to sail to England by ship noticed the pleasing and charming child and took with him to London. He brought back the boy to Kayalpatnam when he reached eighteen years and searched out his parents and handed him over to them. Thus Nusky Wali spent nearly sixteen years in London. His father was a scholar and a saint. He taught him all religious subjects. He also taught him hidden secrets of spiritual knowledges. He cultivated every exalted quality and left behind every despicable quality. By God’s grace he became a Saint. His son Shaikh Alauddin, Shaikh Yahiya and Shaikh Ahmad were also saints and savants. There were many saints and scholars among his descendants. Nusky Waliyullah died on 995 A.H and was buried at Magudoom Mosque graveyard.

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