Muhammed Jahid-முஹம்மது ஜாஹித்

Muhammed Jahid-முஹம்மது ஜாஹித்

By Sufi Manzil 0 Comment February 11, 2010

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Short Histroy-Hazrath Molana Muhammed Jahid Wakhshi


Name is Muhammed Zahid

He  was born in Wachsh , a town near Hisar .

He  was perfect in Tasawwuf and Fiqah.

He gained Faiz from Hazrat Ahrar and gained Ijazah-o-Khilafat from him at the very first meeting (at the time of Bait)

His Faiz has been wide Spread though out the country.

He passed the secrets of his Nisbatt to Hazrat Molana Darwesh Muhammed 

He passed to Rafiq-e-Aala in Wachsh , on Rabi-ul-Awwal 936 Hijri.

His grave mubarak is in wachsh , Hisar.