Descendants of Noble Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam-காயல்பட்டணத்தில் நாயகம் ஸல்லல்லாஹுஅலைஹி வஸல்லம் அவர்களின் வமிசத்தினரின் தலைமுறைப் பட்டியல்

Descendants of Noble Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam-காயல்பட்டணத்தில் நாயகம் ஸல்லல்லாஹுஅலைஹி வஸல்லம் அவர்களின் வமிசத்தினரின் தலைமுறைப் பட்டியல்

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Descendants of our Noble Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam)  in Kayalpatnam:-

                           Descendants of our Noble Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) and the descendants of the first four Caliphs are living in Kayalpatnam. The pedigrees or genealogical tables given here are mostly taken from the handwritten note book of late Alhaj, Al-hafil Nahvi Muhammad Ismail Alim Mufti which was under the custody of his son Al-hafil Nahvi Sayyid Ahmad Alim who was kind enough to allow us to copy down. Some of the genealogical tables are collected from the sons of late Alhaj, Al-hafil Sayyid Muhammad Alim of Zaviya Arabic College and our lineage table is copied from my father late Al-haj Abdur Rahman Ruknudeen Sahib’s record. Alhaj, Al-hafil Noohu Thamby Alim was kind-enough to verify all the genealogical tables collected from various sources.

1. Descendants of our NobleProphet Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa salllam) in Kayalpatnam:-
                     (GENEALOGICAL TABLES)

1. Sayyidna Muhammad Rasoolallahi Sal allahu alaihi Wa Sallam.
2. Sayyidna Fathima (Rali allahu anha) + Sayyidna Ali (Rali allahu anhu).
3. Sayyidna Hussain (Rali allahu anhu). 4. Sayyidna Zainul Abideen (Rali allahu anhu).
5. Sayyidna Abubackar (Rali Rali allahu anhu). 6. Sayyidna Muhammad Mulakab Badiuddin (Rali allahu anhu).
7. Sayyidna Ahmad (Rali  allahu anhu). 8. Sayyidna Muhammad Rashid ( Rali allahu anhu).
9. Sayyidna Abubackar (Rali allahu anhu). 10. Sayyidna Abdur Rahman (Rali allahu anhu).
11.Sayyidna Hussain (Rali allahu anhu). 12. Sayyidna Ali (Rali allahu anhu).
13. Sayyidna Hussain (Rali allahu anhu). 14. Sayyidna Abubackar (Rali).
15. Sayyidna Salahudin  (Rali allahu anhu). 16. Sayyidna Bahruddin (Rali allahu anhu).
17.Sayyidna Shamsuddin (Rali allahu anhu). 18. Sayyidna Nasruddin (Rali allahu anhu ).
19. Sayyidna Eya – uddin (Rali allahu anhu). 20. Sayyidna Kudbuddin (Rali allahu anhu).
21. Sayyidna Alauddin (Rali allahu anhu). 22. Sayyidna Muhammad Misri (Rali allahu anhu).
23. Sayyidna Sultan Jamaluddin (Rali allahu anhu ).

                    Sayyidna sultan Jamaluddin arrived at Kayalpatnam on 1284 A.D and rebuilt Qutba Periya Palli around 1300 A.D. He was a king of Pandiyan Kingdom during 1294 A.D. His brother Takiuddin was a finance minister of Pandiyan Kingdom.

24. Sayyidna Nooruddin (Rali allahu anhu). 25. Sayyidna Bahruddin (Rali allahu anhu).
26. Sayyidna Hassan (Rali allahu anhu). 27. Sayyidna Ali (Rali allahu anhu).
28. Sayyidna Ahmad nainar. 29. Sayyidna Mahmood Nainar.
30. Sayyidna Ahmad Nainar. 31. Sayyidna Mahmood Nainar.
32. Sayyidna Abdul Qadir Nainar. 33. Sayyidna Muhyiddeen Nainar.
34. Sayyidna Muhammad alias Mahmood Nainar. 35.(a)Sayyidna Mustafa Nainar.
35.(b) Sayyidna Abdur Rahman Nainar.

           The local reign of Nainar at Kayalpatnam was over ,after the death of Sayyidna Abdur Rahman Nainar. Panchayat administration was started by village munship appointed by the government on 1900 A.D.

36. Sayyid muhamamd Naina bin Sayyid Abdur Rahman Nainar.
37. Sayyid Sultan Jamaluddin. 38. Sayyid Muhammad Nainar.
39. Sayyid Sultan Jamaluddin.

Branches from  (32) Sayyid Abdul Qadir Nainar and his family.

A. 32. Pirabu Sayyid Abdul Qadir . 33. Pirabu Sayyid Mahmood.
     34. Pirabu Mahmood Naina.  35.Pirabu Mahmood Shaikh Ali Qadir.
     36. Pirabu Muhamamd Abubackar Miskeen Sahib. 37. (a) Pirabu Muhamamd Shaikna Lebbai.
     37. (b) Pirabu Sulatan Abdul Qadir. 37. (c) Pirabu Mahmood Naina.
     37. (a) Pirabu Muhammad Shaikna sons – Pirabu Miskeen Sahib and Pirabu Taha.
     37. (b) Pirabu sultan Abdul Qadir’s son (38) Pirabu Muhammad Abubackar Miskeen  alias Shaikh Dawood . 39. Pirabu sultan Abdul Qadir, Pirabu Jilani, Pirabu Shaikhna 37.(c) Pirabu Mahmood Naina’s sons – Pirabu Thamby alias Pirabu Sayyid Ahmad Muhyideen Thamby, Pirabu Abubackar Miskeen Sahib, Pirabu Sayyid Abdur Rahman

B. Pirabu Sayyid Ahmad – Pirabu Sayyid Ismail. His sons are (a) Pirabu Sayyid   Muhammad Saleehu (b) Pirabu Habeeb Muhammad (c) Pirabu Sayyid Ahmad Naina
(d) Pirabu Muhyiddeen Thamby – Pirabu Sayyid Muhammad’s sons are Pirabu Sayyid Ismail, Pirabu Sayyid Abdul Qadir- Pirabu Habeeb Muhammad’s sons are Pirabu Sayyid Ahamad( Pirabu Habeeb )Pirabu  Sayyid Ismail’s sons are Pirabu Habeeb, Pirabu Sulaiman, Pirabu Abdul Malick. (c) Pirabu Sayyid Ahmad Nainar’s son are Pirabu Muhyiddeen Sadakathulla, Pirabu Mustafa, Pirabu Farook.(d) Pirabu  Muhyiddeen Thamby’s sons Pirabu Mogudoom Naina, Pirabu Sayyid Ismail Jalalee, Pirabu Muhammad Easa, Pirabu Shaikh Abdul Qadir.

(c) Pirabu Musatfa Nana’s son Pirabu Abdul Rahman. His sons are Pirabu Saleem, Pirabu Jamal.(His son- Abdur Rahman)

(d) Pirabu Mustafa Naina’s brother Pirabu Mahmood Naina. His sons are (a) Pirabu Muhammad Hassan Lebbai, (b) Pirabu Zainul Abdeen Alim (C) Pirabu Muhyiddeen Abdul Qadir (d) Pirabu Mariyam (e)Pirabu Muhammad Fathima. Pirabu Zainul Abdeen’s sons Pirabu Shamu(His sons -Zainul Abideen, Shaduli, Shuaib, Zarook), Pirabu Mahmood Naina(His sons Zainul Abideen, Nizammuddeen, Riazuddin), Pirabu sultan Jamaludddin(His sons- Hafil Zainul Abideen, Muhammad Irshad), Pirabu Noohu Naina(His son Zainul Abideen), Pirabu Muthu Katheeja. Pirabu Muhyiddeen Abdul Qadir’s son Pirabu Sultan (His sons- Muhyiddeen Abdul Qadir, Mubarak Kader Sahib,Mukthar Ibrahim)d) Pirabu Mariyam’s sons Muhammad Ali, Saleehu Ismail (E) Pirabu Muhammad Fathima’s sons Hassan Naina, Mahmood Naina.

(E) 1. Sayyid Sultan Jamaluddin. 2. Sayyid Nooruddin. 3. Sayyid Bahruddin.
4. Sayyid Hassan. 5. Sayyid Ali. 6. Sayyid Abdur Rasheed . 7.Sayyid Abdul Gafar.. 8. Sayyid Alauddin. 9.Sayyid Abdul Qadir. 10. Sayyid Abubackar. 11. Sayyid Alauddin 12. Sayyid Mulakab Bahauddin 13. Sayyid Wavoo Naina. 14. Sayyid Wavoo Muhammad Sulaiman. 15. Sayyid Vellai Muhammad Ibrahim. 16 (a) Sayyid Mogudoom (b) Sayyid Muhammad Sulaiman. His son Sayyid Mogudoom. 17. (a) Sayyid Muhammad Ibrahim.18.(a)His son Sayyid Mogudoom-19.(a) his son Sayyid Muhammad Lebbai. (20.(a))His son Sayyid Mogudoom Abdul Qadir. (17(b)) Sayyid Ismail, His sons 18.(b)V.S.E. Mogudoom (Ismail, Muhyiddeen, Abdul Malick. 19 (b) V.S.E. Sayyid Muhammad Ali (Sayyid Habeeb, Sayyid Rifayee) 19. (c) V.S.E. Muhammad Meera Nachi.16 (b) Sayyid Muhammd Sulaiman. 17. Sayyid V.S.S Muhyiddeen Thamby. 18. Sayyid Shaikh Sulaiman and Sayyid Hassan.

Descendants of Qutb Muhyiddeen Abdul Qadir Jilani (Rali allahu anhu) in Kayalpatnam:-

1. Qutb Muhyideen Abdul Qadir jilani (Rali allahu anhu).
2. Sayyid Abdul Aziz (6th son)
3. Sayyid Mohammed Haddad
4. Sayyid Sarfuddin
5. Sayyid Muhammed Shamshudeen
6. Sayyid Muhammad Zainuddin.
7. Sayyid Waliyiddin.
8. Sayyid Nooruddin.
9. Sayyid Husamuddin.
10. Sayyid Muhammad Darvas.
11. Sayyid Zainuddin.
12. Sayyid Mustafa.
13. Sayyid Salman.
14. Sayyid Ali.
15.  Sayyid Abdur Rahman Moulana.
16. Sayyid Zackariya Moulana
17. Sayyid Abdur Rahman Moulana.
18. Sayyid Hassan Moulana.
19. Sayyid Zackariya Moulana.
20. Sayyid Hassan Moulana.

Another branch from 15. Sayyid Abdur Rahman Moulana:-
B. 15. Sayyid Abdur Rahman Moulana.
     16.(a) Sayyid Zackariya Moulana. (b) Sayyid  Hibdul Kareem Moulana.
     17. Sayyid Abdur Rahman Moulana (son of Zackariya Moulana)
     18.(a) Sayyid Hassan Bukhari Moulana. (b) Sayyid Hassan Moulana.
19.Sayyid Lukman Moulana (son of Sayyid Buhari Moulana)
20.Sayyid Buhary Moulana (b) Sayyid Yakut Moulana. (c) Sayyid Uzair Moulana. (d) Sayyid Hassan Moulana. (e) Sayyid Ayub Moulana (f) Sayyid Ahmad Moulana.
18. (b) Sayyid Hassan Moulana’s sons – (a)Sayyid Badu Ashab Moulana. (b) Sayyid Muhammad Muhyiddeen Moulana. (c) Sayyid Abdur Rahman Moulana.

16. (b) Sayyid Hibdul Kareem Moulana’s son Sayyid Abdul Qadir Moulana. His sons Sayyid Yaseen Moulana, Sayyid Zackariya Moulana. Sayyid Yaseen Moulana’s sons- Sayyid Hibdul Kareem Kareem Moulana, Sayyid Theebi Moulana. Sayyid Zackariya Moulana’s sons- sayyid Abdul Qadir Moulana, Sayyid Husssain Moulana, Sayyid Hassan Moulana.

(C) 15. Sayyid Abdur Rahman moulana’s brother Sayyid Ahmad Moulana. His son  16. Sayyid Mahmood moulana. 17. Sayyid Ahmad Moulana. 18. (a)Sayyid  yaseen Moulana – His son Sayyid Ahmad Moulana . 18 (b) Sayyid Salman  Moulana- His sons Sayyid Ahmad Moulana, Sayyid Arif Moulana, Sayyid Mansore Moulana.

Pedigrees of Kayalpatnam Kutb Kattu Mogudoom Walliyullah:-

1. Sayyidna Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam.
2. Sayyidna Fathima (Rali allahu anha) + Sayyidna Ali (Rali allahu anhu).
3. Imam Sayyidna Hussain (Rali allahu anhu).
4. Sayyid Zainul Abideen (Rali allahu anhu).
5. Sayyid Muhammad Bakkar.
6. Sayyid Jaffar Sadiq.
7. Sayyid Muhammad.
8. Sayyid Saieed Jalaluddin.
9. Sayyid Muhammad Kamaal.
10. Sayyid Abu Dawood.
11. Sayyid Jamal.
12. Sayyid Abul Hassan.
13. Sayyid Ismail.
14. Sayyid Muhammad Nasir.
15. Sayyid Abu Yusuful Jamal.
16. (a)Sayyid Muhammad . His son Sayyid Mogudoom Waliyullah.
16(b) Abdul Gaffore . His son – Sayyid Ahmad . His son Erwadi Sayyid Ibrahim      Waliyullah.
16.(c)  Abdullah.   

Genelogy of Kayalpatnam Sayyid Kali Alauddin Waliyullah of Kayalpatnam:
1. Sayyid Muhamamd Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam.
2. sayyid Fathima (Rali allahu anha) + Sayyid Ali (Rali allahu anhu).
3. sayyid Hussain (Rali allahu anhu).
4. Sayyid Zainul Abideen.
5. Sayyid Muhammad Bakkar.
6. Sayyid Jaffar Sadiq.
7. Sayyid Muzal Kaaleem.
8. Sayyid Ibrahim.
9. Sayyid Moosa.
10. Sayyid Muhammad.
11. Sayyid Moosa
12. Sayyid Hussain.
13. Sayyid Ali.
14. Sayyid Taahbid.
15. Sayyid Ali.
16. Sayyid Usman.
17. Sayyid Mogudoom alias Muhammad Shamsuddin (He construted Mogudoom Mosque and was buried in Mogudoom Palli graveyard.)
18. Sayyid Nooruddin.
19. Sayyid Jamaluddin.
20. Sayyid Alauddin.
21. Sayyid Jamaluddin.
22. Sayyid Muhammad Kali Alauddin. (His tomb is at KAT Thaika beside the tombs of Sayyid Abdur Rasheed. Sayyid Muhammad , Sayyid Alauddin, Sayyid Mariyam  they were all descendants of our Rasool.
23. Sayyid Bahruddin.
24. Sayyid Zainul Abideen. (His descendants are living at Kayalpatnam, Calicut and Madurai. )

Pedigree of Kayalpatnam Lebbai Appa Waliyullah:-

1. Sayyid Alauddin.
2. Sayyid Jamaluddin.
3. Sayyid Sadak.
4. Sayyid Abul Kaseem.
5. Sayyid sadak.
6. Sayyid Abul Kaseem.
7. Sayyid Muhammad.
8. Sayyid Sadak Abdul Qadir.
9. Sayyid Mahmood.
10. Sayyid Shaikh Sulaiman.
11. Sayyid Muhammad Abdul Qadir alias Periya Lebbai Appa (His brother Sinna Lebbai Appa(Shaikh Abdul Qadir)).
12. Sayyid Ahamd Ummal. (Daughter of Periya Lebbai Appa ,married Sayyid Abul Kaseem.).
13.  Sayyid Muhammad.
14. Sayyid Muhyiddeen.
15. Sayyid Sadak.
16. Sayyid Abul Kaseem.
17. Sayyid Abdul Qadir alias Shinna Lebbai.
18. Sayyid Muhammad Yusuf.
19. Sayyid Abdul Qadir Shinna Lebbai.
20. Sayyid Muhamamd Ibrahim.
21. Sayyid Shahul Hameed and Mahmood Theebi.
22. Shahul Hameed’s sons- Dawood Naina, Shaikh Abdul Qadir, Shinna Lebbai, Muahmamd Ibrahim Rahmathullah.
23. Mahmood Theebi’s sons – Muhammad Idrees, Muhammad Ilyas. 

Another branch from this Pedigree:- (Palam Pakku family)

1. Sayyid Alauddin.
2. Sayyid Jamaluddin.
3. Sayyid Sadak.
4. Sayyid AbulKaseem.
5. Sayyid Sadak.
6. Sayyid Mahmood.
7. Sayyid AbulKaseem.
8. Sayyid Sadak.
9. Sayyid Muhammad Lebbai.
10. Sayyid PalamPakku Shaikh abdul Qadir.
11. Sayyid AbulKaseem.
12. Sayyid Muhyiddeen Thamby.
13. Sayyid AbulKaseem.
14. Sayyid Muhammad Abdulla.

Note:-   Sayyid Mahmood Theebi  Waliyullah is a descendant of Sayyidna Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam). It is said that Mahmood Theebi Waliyullah and Lebbai Appa Waliyullah are descended from one family.Hence we assume that Lebbai Appa brothers  are also descendants of Muhammad (sallalhu alaihi wa sallam).

Lineage of Kayalpatnam Kaseem Pulavar Waliyullah:-

1. Sayyidna Muhammad Salallahu alaihi Wasallam.
2. Sayyidna Fathima (Rali allahu anha) + Sayyidna Ali (Rali allahu anhu).
3. Sayyidna Hussain (Rali allahu anhu).
4. Sayyidna Zainul Abideen.
5. Sayyidna Muhammad Bakkar
6. Sayyidna Jaffar Sadiq..
7. Sayyidna Musal Kaaleem.
8. Sayyidan Ali-ir- Rila.
9. Sayyidna ibrahim.
10. Sayyidna Musa.
11. Sayyidan Hussain.
12. Sayyidna Ali.
13. Sayyidna Udman.
14. Sayyidna Shamsuddin.
15. Sayyid Muhammad.
16. Sayyid Nooruddin.
17. Sayyid Jamaluddin.
18. Sayyid Ibrahim.
19. Sayyid Kali Zainul Abideen.
20. Sayyid Kali Nooruddin.
21. Sayyid Kali Abdul Qadir.
22. Sayyid Kaseem Pulavar Waliyullah.(His tomb is at Periya Palli Graveyard).
23. Sayyid Abdul Qadir Pulavar.
24. Sayyid Sultan Pulavar. ( His tomb is at Puraiyur).
25. Sayyid Abdur Rahman Pulavar.
26. Sayyid  Muhammad Yusuf Lebbai (Tomb is just behind Dayeem PalliDikar Hall).
27. Sayyid Muhamamd Abdur Rahman Bukhary Moulana (Buried at PuduPalli Graveyard).
28. Sayyid Ahmad Kaseem Moulana.
29. Sayyid Mahmood Lebbai Moulana.
30. Sayyid Adam Moulana.
31. Sayyid Kali nooruddin Moulana.
32. Sayyid Muhamamd Bakkir Moulana.
33. Sayyid Muhammad Abdur Rahman Bukhari Moulana.
34. (a)Sayyid Kavinger (S.M.B) Mahmood Hussain.
34.(b) Sayyid Yusuf Lebbai.
34.(c)Sayyid Ahmad.