Baba Sammasi-பாபா சம்மாசி

Baba Sammasi-பாபா சம்மாசி

By Sufi Manzil 0 Comment April 6, 2010

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Short HistroyHazrath Khaja Muhammed Baba Sammasi


Name is Muhammed

Hazrat Muhammed Baba Samasi was born in Samas , a town near Rametan which was 2 miles away from Bukhara.

He was often go to Istaghra`aq (Unconsciousness), due to Kasrat-e-Zikr.

When he  passed through Qasr-e-Hinduan , he said ,


" This town of Hindus would make a man a town of Arif "


Through this sentence , Hazrath Baba Samasi  means the arival of Hazrath Seyed Bahaudeen Naqshband Bukhari.

Hazrath Baba Samasi was a perfect man in both Fiqh and Tasawwuf.

He passed the secrets of his Nisbatt to Hazrath Seyed Amire Kulal.

He passed away to Rafiq-e-Aala in the town Samas on 10 Jamathul Akhir 755 Hijri .

His grave mubarak is in Samas .