“Arabic Fatwa against Deobandis”.

“Arabic Fatwa against Deobandis”.

By Sufi Manzil 0 Comment May 3, 2010

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The Fatwa of Kufr was issued on the insolent Deobandi Maulvis by the ‘Ulamaa of Harmain Tayyibain: Makkah Madeena Shareef.

This fatwa was issued in 1320 A.H (1900 AD) by the Saliheen ‘Ulamaa of Haram Shareef and the great holy places before the Saudi Wahaabi Najdi forced themselves into power.

The subject that has been given the Islamic Sentence of Kufr are those insolent and degrading statements written by the Deobandi Maulvis who have clearly insulted the Holy Prophet’s (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) dignity and character.
The following statements have been thoroughly investigated and issued with the Fatwa of Kufr.

1. Statement from the book ‘Hifzul Imaan‘ stating that the Holy Prophet’s knowledge of the unseen (Ilme-e-Ghaib) is the same as Zain or Amar or children, madmen, animals and four-legged beasts, written by Ashraf Ali Thanvi.

2. Statements from the book ‘Bahrain-e-Qatia‘ stating that Saram and Malikul Maut’s knowledge is more than the Holy Prophet’s, and proof exists for this for Satan but not for the Holy Prophet. Also it is not Shirk to believe this for Satan but it is Shirk to believe the same for the Holy Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) written by Khalil Ahmed Ambethwi and certified and embossed by Rashid Ahmed Gangohi, also the same agreement in his book ‘Fatawa-e-Rashidia‘.

3. Statement from the book ‘Tahzeerun Naaz‘ stating that there is possibility of there being another Prophet after the Holy Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam), written by Qassim Nanotwi.

The above mentioned books were very carefully scrutinized involving years of investigation, this being 30 years for ‘Tahzeerun’, 16 years for ‘Baharain-e-Qatia’ and over 1 year for ‘Hifzul Imaan’. During this time letters were written and messages were sent asking the Deobani Maulvis to either give valid reasons or renounce their statements and perform Tauba (ask for forgiveness). But no answers were ever given and so, therefore, Imam Ahmed Raza Khan had but no other alternative but to issue Ashraf Ali Thanvi, Rashid Ahmed Gangohi, Khalil Ahmed Ambethwi, and Qassim Nanotwi with the Fatwa of Kufr (Sentence of Disbelief) clearly defining that these Maulvis are Kafirs.

This Fatwa was presented to the great ‘Ulamaa and Islamic Jurists of Harmain Tayyibain to ask for their opinion. Thirty three ‘Ulamaa of Makkah and Madeena Shareef have their verdict that these Deobandi Maulvis had definitely performed Kufr.


The names and status of ‘Ulamaa of Harmain Tayyibain that issued the Fatwa are as follows:

1. Fatwa from Ustaad-e-Harmain Saeed Shafeii.
2. Sayedul ‘Ulamaa – Maulana Mufti Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Khair Mirdad.
3. Mufti Hanafia – Allama Sheikh Saleh Kamaal.
4. Mufti Sheikh Ali Bin Siddiq Kamaal.
5. Sheikhul Dalail – Mufti Muhammad Abdul Haq Mujahir Al-Babadi.
6. Mufti Sayed Ismail Khaleel – Librarian of Makkah.
7. Maulana Mufti Sheikh Umar Bin Abibakr Ba Junaid.
8. Allama Mufti Saeed Ablu Hussain Al-Mazruki.
9. Mufti Sheikh Abid bin Hussain Maaliki.
10. Mufti Ali bin Hussain Maaliki.
11. Mufti Muhammad Jamaal bin Muhammad Hussain.
12. Mufti Sheikh Asad bin Ahmad Dahan – Teacher in Haram Shareef, Makkah.
13. Mufti Shaikh Abdul Rehmaan Dahan.
14. Mufti Sheikh Muhammad Yusuf Afghani.
15. Mufti Sheikh Ahmed Maaliki Al Imdadi – Teacher at Haram and Madrassa Ahmadia in Makkah and Khalifa of Haji Imdadullah Muhaajir Makki.
16. Mufti Muhammad Yusuf Al-Khayaat.
17. Sheikh Muhammad Saleh bin Muhammad Ba-Fazi.
18. Sheikh Abdul Karim Naji Dagistani.
19. Sheikh Muhammad Saeed bin Muhammad Al-Yamani.
20. Mufti Sheikh Haamid Muhammad Al-Jadawi


1. Mufti Hanafia – Tajoodeen Ilyas.
2. Former Mufti of Madeena – Allama Osman bin Abdus Salaam Dagistani.
3. Sheikh-e-Maalikia – Mufti Sayed Ahmad of Algeria.
4. Mufti Khaleel bin Ibrahim Karbooti.
5. Sheikud Dalail – Mufti Sayed Muhammad Saeed.
6. Mufti Sheikh Mehboob bin Ahmad Omari.
7. Sheikhul Dalail – Mufti Sayed Abbas bin Sayed Jaleel.
8. Mufti Sheikh Omar bin Hamdaan Al-Maharasee.
9. Mufti Sayeed Hakeen Muhammad bin Muhammad Madani.
10. Mufti Shaaeiya0Allam Sayed Shareef Ahmad Barzanji.
11. Mufti Muhammad Aziz Maaliki – formerly of Tunisia.
12. Mufti Sheikh Muhammad Kiyari – Teacher at the Haram Shareef Madeena.
13. Mufti Sheikh Abdul Qadeer Taufeew – Teacher of Masjid-e-Nabawi Shareef.

Readers who are interested in looking at the complete Fatawa should read the book ‘Hussamul Harmain Ala Manhar Al-Kufr Wal Main‘, where the original Arabic Text and its Urdu translations are given. Extracts from views of some of the above ‘Ulamaa are given below.

‘Ulamaa of Masjid-e-Nabwi, Mufti Sheikh Umar bin Hamdaan Al-Maharasee states:

“After studying the issues written by Ahmad Raza Khan in his fatwa to which the mentioned people have been refereed to and rejected, I have found this absolutely correct. Who are these people? Evil and apostate Gulam Ahmad Qadyani who is a dajjal of the last era and Khalil Ahmed Ambethwi and Ashraf Ali Thanvi and to these where the subject has been proven as mentioned by this great Aalim Ahmed Raza Khan. Qadyani’s claim to be a prophet and Rashid Ahmed, Khalil Ahmed and Ashraf Ali’s insulting statements which has lowered the dignity of the Holy Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam), then there is no doubt that they are Kafirs and those who perform the act of ex ecution, it is necessary for them to give these men the sentence of death.

[Hussamul Harmain. Pages 125/126]

Mufti Sayed Ismail Khaleel – Librarian of Mecca writes:

After Salaam I hereby say that after investigation on this subject, of course Gulam Ahmad Qadyani and Rashid Ahmed Gangohi and his partners like Khalil Ahmed Ambethwi and Ashraf Ali Thanvi etc., there is no hesitation in their Kufr nor is there any question of doubt, in fact, whoever doubts their Kufr or tries to avoid calling them as Kafirs, they themselves become Kafir, and there is no hesitation in this as there is someone who tries to overthrow the religion and are rejecting the compulsory aspects of Islam to which all Muslims are united. So in Islam their names and presence sho uld not exist as it should be made clear to all illiterate and completely illiterate persons.

[Hussaamul Harmain. Pages 49/50]

Mufti Muhammad Jamaal bin Muhammad Hussain states:

“After Hamd and Salaat, I have read these wicked wanderers’ statements who are now present in Jind (India) and that text is proof of these people being apostates, which has completely disgraced them and may Allah disgrace Gulam ahmed Qadyani and Rashid Ahmed Gangohi and Khalil Ahmed Ambethwi and Ashraf Ali Thanvi etc. who are open infidels and apostates. May Allah bless and honour Hazrat Maulvi Ahmed raza Khan and be pleased with him who has performed Farz-e-Kifaya (collective Compulsory act).

[Hussaamul Harmain. Pages 77/78]

Allama Mufti Saeed Abul Hussain Marzuki states:

“… and of course Tibrani reports that Hazrat Anas (radiAllahu anhu) has narrated that “RasoolAllah (Sallalahu alaihi wasallam) has said that Allah Ta’aala keeps all Bud Mazhab people from performing Tauba until they leave their Bud Mazhab (wrong sect)” and Ibne Majah reports that Hazrat Abdullah ibne Abbas (radiAllahu anhu) narrates that the Holy Prophet (Sallalahu alaihi wasallam) has said that “Allah does not accept any deed performed by a Bud Mazhabi until he leaves his Bud Mazhab.” Ibne Majah also reports that Hazrat Hufaiza (RadiAllahu Anhu) narrates a Hadith that the Holy Prophet (Sallalahu alaihi wasallam) has said that Allah Ta’a ala does not accept anything from a Bud-Mazhabi, not their Roza, not Namaaz, nor Zakaat, nor Hajj nor Umrah nor Kihad nor any compulsory act ot voluntary act and they come out of Islam like a haid is pulled out of some flour.

[Hassaamul Harmain. Pages 59/60]

The Teacher of Masjid-e-Nabwi Shareef, Sheikh Abdul Qadar Taufeeq states:

“All praise to the one Allah and Durood and Salaam to he who there is no Prophet after and to his family and followers and their Hamd and Salat as to which has been proven that relates to him (Holy Prophet sallalahu alaihi wasallam) that Gulam Ahmed Qadyani and Qassim Nanotwi and Rashid Ahmed Gangohi and Khalil Ahmed Ambethwi and Ashraf Ali Thanvi and those who are with them and all those who have been mentioned in the question, then of course this is an order of KUFR to them and the order which is given to all apostates, meaning to give them the sentence of death the go ahead and if this cannot be performed there, then it is necessary for Muslims to stay away from them and look at them with hatred on mimbars in mosques and in books and in groups etc. so that in the hope their intentions are burnt and their Kufr is openly known in the fear that their deceit does not com into the Islamic world.

[Hassaamul Harmain. Pages 157/158]



Readers are requested to note that, in view of the Fatwa, by not only leading Imaams and Islamic Jurists of Harmain Shareef, they MUST NOT DOUBT THE KUFR of these Maulvis of Deoband, otherwise they are exposing THEIR OWN IMAAN TO DANGER! Similar fatwa have been given by ‘Ulamaa through the ages in similar cases together with the danger of disbelief in Islam for those doubting the fatwa. People are aware and accept Kufr fatwa on Gulan Ahmed Qadyani. It must be remembered that he is only one of the five named in the Fatwa. The other four are Deobandi/Tableeghi leaders and founders. Therefore anybody who still has beliefs in these Maulvis is risking his own Imaan. Any person with a neutral attitude, after reading this fatwa and what thes e Maulvis have written would definately have to accept that these Jamaats are wrong and the only correct and proper religion of Islam is that followed by the Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat, who have unconditional love for Allah and his beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu alaihi wasallam. May Allah guide us on the right path. Aameen.