Alauden Attar-அலாவுத்தீன் அத்தார்

Alauden Attar-அலாவுத்தீன் அத்தார்

By Sufi Manzil 0 Comment February 11, 2010

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Short HistroyHazrath Alauddeen Attar


Name is Muhammed bin Muhammed Bukhari . Kuniat Alaudeen


He was born in Bukhara.


He Bait on the hands of Hazrath Bahaudeen Bukhari and gained Faiz from him.


After Completing the Sulook , Hazrath Naqshband Bukhari give Ijazah and Khilafat h to him.


He  was perfect in both Fiqh and Tasawwuf.


He  was master in Marfat and go step by step as his  Sheikh (Hazrath Naqshband )


Hazrath Allama Syed Sharif Jarjani reported that ,


" By God (Allah) , when I went in the suhbat of Hazrath Attar  , I know that how Allah is ! "


He passed the secrets of his Nisbatt to Hazrath Yaquub Charkhi.


He passed to Rafiq-e-Aala in a town called  Jafanian near Mawara-un-nahar on 20 Rajab 802 Hijri