Abdul khaliq Gijidawani-அப்துல் காலிக் கஜ்தவானி

Abdul khaliq Gijidawani-அப்துல் காலிக் கஜ்தவானி

By Sufi Manzil 0 Comment March 8, 2010

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Short HistroyHazrath Abdul Khaliq Gijdawani




Name is Abdul Khaliq , Laqab Khuaja-e-Jahan

Father's Name is Abdul Jamil 


His Mother was in the family of Roman State .


He was only in his times and was perfect in Islam either in Fiqah or in Tasawwuf.


He was in the family of Hazrath Imam Malik


He was also very keen in doing work exactly the same way that Prophet Muhammed Mustafa sallalahu alaihi wa sallam had done.


He passed his  will and said ,


                 " Little sleep , little speak , little eat and little meet ."


He also give 8 Istellahats (Principles)  which are the Building Blocks in Silsilae Naqshbandia , these are ,

1.      Conscious breathing ( Hosh-dar-Dam)

2.      Watch your Step ( Nazar-bar-Qadam)

3.      Journey Home word (Safar-dar-Watan)

4.      Solitude in the croud (Khalwat dar-Anjuman)

5.      Essential Remembrance to Allah swt ( Yad-Kard)

6.      Returning (Baz-Gasshtt)

7.      Attentiveness (Nigah-Dasshtt)

8.      Recollection (Yadd-Dasshtt)


He  passed the secrets of his Nisbaat to Hazrath Muhammed Arif Reogari.


He passed to to Rafiq-e-Aala in Gijdawan , a town near Bukhara in 12 Rabi-ul-Awwal 616/617 Hijri